£500,000 automation investment drives significant savings and efficiencies for Opus Trust customers

23 Sep 2020

We are pleased to announce that we have enhanced our digital capabilities following a significant investment in intelligent digital mailroom solutions.

Building upon our expertise in managing complex customer journeys, this latest investment into Lithe Intelligent Automation will improve inbound scanning and indexing processes for returns handling, bulk scanning and invoice processing.

By automating these critical processes, we can efficiently capture data from incoming customer communications from both digital and paper formats. These are then scanned and validated before being redistributed for processing or further action.

This cost-effective scanning and indexing solution enables users to enhance productivity and increase efficiencies.

Hayden Savage, COO of Opus Trust Communications, comments: “In a fast moving competitive market, we must continue to invest in the latest digital and technological advancements that enable us to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

“As an organisation, we are constantly asking ourselves how do we ensure that our clients and their customers have the best possible experience when interacting? With this investment, we are not only simplifying complex customer processes, but we are also increasing our commitment to the vision of our Opus CX model.

“Whether it’s capturing digital imagery, invoice processing or enhanced mailing needs, our inbound scanning solutions must cater to the needs of each individual customer, especially now so many working practices are under increased pressure to automate as more people work from home. By automating these critical processes, we help our clients cut costs and time whilst increasing productivity and profitability.”

This investment forms part of our wider focus on improving our customer communications management model, Opus CX, which supports individual clients through their digital transformation by enabling them to give customers choice and a great experience when it comes to receiving critical communications.