Are Your Critical Communications a Crisis Waiting to Happen?

20 Oct 2020

Picture the scene, most of your employees are working from home. You have the processes and procedures in place to allow this to be the case. It’s all going well, but then you hit a snag.

Stationery orders are through the roof and access to continuation paper, letterheads, branded marketing materials and compliant documents are causing needless headaches. People are in and out of the building picking up supplies that are either over or under ordered.

You’ve worked so hard to implement a seamless transfer to remote working and yet, critical communication is causing a barrier to productivity. The problems are:

  • Knowing how much stationery to order and when
  • The administration around ordering taking up valuable time and capacity that could be redirected elsewhere
  • Inadvertently encouraging inefficient processes
  • Creating systems that are geared to fail
  • Increasing costs due to inefficiencies with suppliers and postage
  • Holding and managing stock levels
  • Not knowing what is coming next and having no plans in place

Time for change

You know this system must change, yet the reality is you’re so busy you don’t know where to start! Carrying on regardless isn’t an option, but what’s the alternative?

Here at Opus Trust we have two solutions: Hybrid Mail and On Demand. Both simple, both cost effective and both accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Hybrid Mail

Hybrid Mail is an efficient and cost-effective solution for managing all business print needs. With online access to a secure system, businesses can send critical communications at any time to anywhere.

All files are encrypted and transmitted to Opus Trust’s manufacturing centre for automated printing, enclosing and posting. The outcome is a service that is easy to use and results in consistent and complaint mailings wherever you are.

No more worrying about stock levels, brand consistency, governance or compliance over critical communications. Just a seamless process from start to finish. The benefits are:

  • Reduces unnecessary strain on resource
  • Removes time consuming administrative tasks
  • Improves budget control
  • Ensures you receive the best postal discounts through economies of scale
  • Full audit trail through barcode tracking
  • Quality checks
  • Access to an ISO27001 certified service

On Demand

On Demand is different but comes with other benefits. Ideal for one off or unplanned critical communications, such as updating customers about changes to terms and conditions, service levels, ways of working, major business announcements or even apologies.

When you need to act fast and across a range of communication channels, On Demand is the solution for you.

With the Emergency Service Broadcast Service from Opus Trust you can fast track and send bulk omnichannel communications to your customer base. This trusted service, used by FTSE 100 companies, means every letter, email or text message is accurately and securely sent on your behalf.

Certified for quality and data security, it is one less thing to think about during strange and unpredictable times. The benefits to On Demand are:

  • Quick to react and deliver
  • There are no minimum volumes to have to adhere to
  • You will be relying on document composition, production and project management specialists
  • An emergency service is in place for matters of public emergency
  • Royal Mail will collect post up to midnight for next day delivery
  • Efficient and cost effective
  • Not everything is scheduled but measures can be put in place just in case

While we all navigate our new normal, businesses are having to review all processes and that includes how we communicate with customers. Take out the added stress from your business-critical communications and give our specialist team a call.

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