21 Nov 2018

At Opus Trust we’ve been supporting businesses to deliver intelligent, connected communications for over 30 years.

Technology, regulation and changing consumer expectations all mean that the customer landscape is evolving at pace. With little understanding about changing consumer attitudes towards important, everyday commercial communications, we’re proud to release our own research report, The Hidden Opportunity.

Regular communications including bills, statements, invoices, tickets, certificates, terms and conditions and policy documents all speak volumes about a company, representing opportunities to turn conventional, more functional communications into engaging, relevant and informative customer experiences.

Recognising the opportunity that functional communications hold, we commissioned primary research amongst 2,000 consumers to identify specifics on their preferences and experiences with service providers’ customer communications including; financial institutions, utilities, councils and leisure enterprises. Importantly, we assessed consumers’ communication channel choice against the type of information being conveyed which exposed some vital evidence to support communications strategies of all organisations.

The Hidden Opportunity report aims to provide a holistic customer perspective that goes deeper than an individual preference survey and reveals how customers want to receive regular correspondence, along with the opportunities this offers up to those businesses ready to listen and adapt. By shining a light on the world of customer correspondence and drilling down to the detail, the research offers new insight into how organisations can meet customer expectations, drive customer loyalty and responsiveness, and therefore gain that all-important edge in an increasingly competitive environment.

We hope that the results of our research will help companies to prepare more confidently for the future, ensuring that they realise the value of regular communications in securing customer loyalty and competitive edge for the longer term.

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