CCSCollect is a leading Debt Collection Agency providing bespoke solutions to various industries including Finance, Utilities, Mail Order and Central & Local Government.

Established since 1975, their services include consumer and commercial debt collection, litigation, tracing and field services. With an existing portfolio comprising hundreds of letter versions they were keen to trial alternative letters to test their success against existing formats. CCSCollect had found that their traditional model proved prohibitive due to the cost and time taken to introduce changes.


Using our Letter Management Suite CCSCollect can now access a web based system which allows them to maintain their own letter texts within a controlled environment enabling proofing, an approval process and full audit history. Staff can select the appropriate template and follow a preconfigured step-by-step process to ensure change is delivered quickly and at a limited cost. Thus, the risk of human error is minimised and corporate and legal rules are followed.

Full approval cycles have been implemented so that the user who amended the text is unable to release the changes into production. Instead, a notification email is sent to the users supervisor who then logs on, checks the amendments and if happy releases to production. All changes are logged and previous versions can be reinstated along with date releases. This put CCSCollect in full control of their own letter suite enabling them to make quick changes and test various letter formats and content.


The implementation of Letter Management Suite has

  • Reduced the time and cost associated with changes
  • Improved internal processes for handling version control
  • Enabled incorporation of letter formats that were previously being printed and mailed in-house
  • Encouraged a review of legacy documents


  • Enabled consistency across documents
  • Facilitated compliance with the Financial Conduct Authority
  • Saves thousands of pounds each year

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