The Requirements

CEMEX is a global leading building materials company whose UK sales exceed £0.75bn annually. Their UK plants supply cement, ready-mixed concrete, aggregates and much more to the UK construction industry.

CEMEX was looking to centralise all of their UK network’s business critical mail requirements with one paper and electronic communications specialist. Not only requiring the print and electronic production and despatch of invoices and statements, CEMEX was also looking for a provider who could scan and then store their paper-based proof of deliveries (PODs) online. Previously using two different companies to provide these services, CEMEX required a single service provider who wouldn’t need to use a third party for any aspects of their requirements. Along with a comprehensive service offering CEMEX was looking for a company who could offer innovation, value for money and excellent service levels.

The Solution

After a comprehensive procurement process Opus Trust came to the fore as a company with all of the capabilities to meet CEMEX’s print and electronic requirements. The capabilities that the Opus Trust were delivering for existing customers illustrated the innovation, value for money and extensive service offering that could be brought to CEMEX’s communications. Once selected as CEMEX’s sole provider, a team from Opus Trust set about integrating their digital and print and mail services to wholly meet the building solution provider’s needs.


Initially Opus Trust’s electronic services team imported all of CEMEX’s existing data into a document vault – over 28 million documents in total – instantly providing a secure facility for CEMEX staff and customers to access and view invoices and statements online. Not only providing the customer services team with a system to efficiently retrieve documents but also enabling customers requiring more information to self-serve.


The electronic delivery service provided by Opus Trust sees 1600 of CEMEX’s customers, who have opted into e-billing, receive an automated email that notifies them as soon as their invoices and statements are ready to be viewed. This email contains a link that redirects CEMEX customers to their own online electronic billing portal where they can access all of their invoices and statements. Hosted by Opus Trust but wholly CEMEX branded, the online portal’s look and feel is consistent with other CEMEX customer touch points.


In addition the electronic services team created a framework that would see proof of deliveries (PODs) from all of CEMEX’s UK locations regularly arrive at Opus Trust. Here they are scanned and uploaded to CEMEX’s Trust Web portal within 24 hours. Each file that is scanned into the system is also indexed according to CEMEX’s specifications so that their customer services team can easily retrieve documents. Previously CEMEX had to spend a lot of time and money manually matching PODs with invoices, now they have an automated workflow.


Opus Trust print and mail invoices and statements to all CEMEX customers who have not opted in to receive their communications electronically. Cost and wastage was instantly removed as Opus Trust’s production capabilities meant that CEMEX no longer needed to pay for pre-printed stationery to be produced and stored as digital colour print technology now creates invoices and statements for CEMEX when required.


  • Costs have been lowered by circa 40 per cent
  • Effective payment processing
  • Improved customer experience
  • Using solely Opus Trust has freed up valuable management time and allowed CEMEX to concentrate more on their core business
  • Extending the capabilities of viewing PODs, invoices and statements to customers has meant that query calls to CEMEX’s customer services team have been significantly reduced
  • The new workflow system allows unreadable and unmatched PODs to be re-matched to their invoices and statements, improving cash flow

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