Opus Trust Communications holds a wealth of expertise in the energy sector.

We send out over 60 million communications every year for some of the UK’s largest energy companies and understand the important role that communications play in effective customer engagement, retention and service innovation.

million communications every year

We work for some of the BIG SIX energy providers and send over 60 million communications every year on their behalf

We archive seven million images every month for energy companies alone

Images every single day

Supporting the energy sector for many years, we understand the rigors of compliance with Ofgem regulations. Our sophisticated range of customer communication solutions ensure that secure, accurate personalised bills are delivered on time physically or digitally. Our quick response services allow time-critical information to reach your customers when it matters.

From e-billing to physical postal services, our solutions bring you added value through data streaming. Bills are checked prior to dispatch and potential postal errors or rogue values can be eradicated. Fast and accurate billing is supported by end-to-end tracking which has a big impact on your cash flow. With Opus Trust Marketing you benefit from reduced postage rates which directly impact your bottom line.

You’ll receive a dedicated account team comprising energy experts with the ability to tailor your product and service package. From high volume transactional mail through to secure, bespoke communications Opus Trust Communications delivers.

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