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As a national provider of customer communication solutions for the public sector, we support physical and digital interactions between your organisation and your citizens. We’ll reduce your costs, improve your efficiencies and offer your recipients channel choice.

communications every year

We send over 24 million communications every year for public sector organisations. That’s an average of 48 messages every minute

We produce and distribute over 4.6 million notifications and pay documents for the NHS annually

NHS items every year

As an established partner to Local Authorities via our Critiqom operation, we have an in depth understanding of the intricacies of customer communications management for the sector. Currently providing a range of revenues and benefits, electoral services and council wide communications to over 80 councils, our strategic direction is clear; the delivery of a complete communications solution, utilising digital transformation where possible, to reduce cost, drive efficiency and deliver enhanced value for councils and their citizens.

With proven experience and expertise across IER, poll cards, postal voting packs and ballot books, you can trust us with all your Parliamentary, Local, European, Mayoral and PCC election documents and mail.

Our multi-site production operations ensure we have the necessary capacity and robust disaster recovery procedures to deliver your communications securely and on time even if the unexpected happens.

Critiqom is a provider of hybrid mail, bulk mail and digital services to Public Sector organisations via the Crown Commercial Services (CCS) Framework and Scottish Procurement Framework agreements.

As an Opus Trust Communications company, Critiqom provides you access to the very latest omnichannel technology designed to improve the flow of communication between your organisation and your end users.

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