Reduce Unwanted Contact with OpusCX

Every call into a UK contact centre costs around £7 per call to receive and process. The numbers soon add up, presenting an operating cost challenge for businesses. Statistics show that many calls result from bill queries, communication failures and broken online customer journeys which end with a call for help.

The logical solution to alleviating unwanted contact is to eliminate the cause. If a bill has been poorly explained or worse, the calculation is wrong leaving the recipient confused, a call will result. OpusCX provides two-way communication solutions from intelligent message composition to delivery via digital channels, online platforms and in physical form. The aim is to create positive customer experiences and seamless interactive journeys.

Phone calls may not always be the easiest option for customers. Multi-channel communication provides choices when it comes to query resolution. Chatbots can deal with basic queries and handle more complex, dynamic content. Interactive videos can welcome new customers, explain service provision and walk the customer through their bill. Dynamic content presentation online can offer useful explanation and navigation to remove queries before they escalate. The key is to make response easy and offer a channel choice. Drive behaviour down the preferred channel to achieve lower costs with the best outcomes.

To reduce unwanted contact... to our consultants to find out how effective customer communication can support query resolution, reduce cost of operation and improve the customer experience.