The workplace is evolving – and so are employee expectations. Our e-payslips solution gives employees instant, secure access to their pay documents, whilst optimising payroll budgets.

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Secure access from any device

The iOS and Android apps offer simple, secure access to payroll documents including payslips, P60s and P11Ds. Employees get an email notification when there's a new document to view. Payroll information may also be viewed via a secure web portal from any device. All users have a secure but simple log in and the ability to print and export information. Payroll Administrators have secure access to the system.

Deploy in under a month

The e-payslips solution is quick to implement and may not require any capital expenditure. In fact, it can be deployed in less than a month, enabling businesses to make an easy transition between payroll cycles. There's no need to upgrade your payroll system either; we'll take your data, format it and manage your distribution for you, making your switch to e-payslips easy and low cost.

Reduce your cost to serve

For businesses facing increasingly tight budgets, reducing outgoings is paramount. Moving to e-payslips produces substantial savings on the cost of payslip administration, production and distribution in year one, with outgoing savings each year.


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More and more organisations are embracing the trend towards electronic payroll documents. In fact, the number of businesses using electronic methods for distributing payslips alone rose by 57% between 2014 and 2016*.

Our e-payslips service is a low costsecure and efficient method of distributing payslips, supporting an effective and compliant payroll department. Not only do employees reap the benefits of instant, secure access to electronic versions of their pay documents, organisations achieve significant savings in year one – with ongoing savings each year.

Your data security is our priority. Our best-in-class systems, along with secure login and password protocols, offer rapid, reliable pay document retrieval with a full audit trail for your complete peace of mind. With Opus Trust Communications, you’re in safe hands. We have extensive experience servicing local authorities and household names such as the NHS, Royal Mail and the Post Office. The solution is tried and tested with over 100,000 users nationwide; we deliver over 1 million payslips, cheques and P60s every week for UK employees.

When you need a reliable, fast, e-payslips service from a trusted partner, Opus Trust Communications is ready to help.


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