Hybrid Mail

An efficient, cost effective solution to managing your office print needs. Hybrid Mail – a refreshing improvement to your world.

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Increase productivity

Reduce unnecessary strain on resource by eliminating time consuming document printing, enclosing and mailing. Free up valuable staff time for core business activity.

Improve budgeting and control

Through our Hybrid Mail solution, we can ensure cost effective document production. We sort your mail to make sure you get the best postal discount available - and as we post millions of items every week, you benefit from the attractive mailing rates that we access.

Benefit from a full audit trail

Integrity is key to our operations and we'll help you ensure that your communications go out to your customers on time. Barcodes are added so your mail can be tracked every step of the way and we quality check each item before it is sent.


Hybrid Mail allows you to focus on what you do best – compiling your documents – and we’ll take care of the rest. You simply create your mail piece, including any inserts and attachments, and send it to the Hybrid Mail solution, just as you would send it to an office printer.

We print your documents on high quality commercial presses, including colour content such as your letterhead.

Security is paramount in everything that we do. Your Hybrid Mail account is password protected and the print files are encrypted so they are fully secure, giving you complete peace of mind that your data is safe. We’re ISO 27001 certified, which means our processes are regularly audited and subject to rigorous checks.

Hybrid Mail is a beautifully simple, efficient, low cost solution – with a lower carbon footprint.

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