Intelligent Inbound Capture

Transform manual processes into automated workflows to reduce operating costs, drive efficiency and enhance customer experience

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Document Scanning turns paper documents into digital files for easy storage and retrieval. The cost and risk associated with physical storage can be a burden to organisations as volumes of paper increase and cost of storage escalates. By digitising paper documents, not only are they preserved, data within them is held securely and can be extracted and used to enhance service delivery to customers and support external audits.

Digital Mailroom automates the capture and classification of all types of mail entering an organisation, from the post bag to emails and online orders. When directing all inbound mail to our secure handling facility, our teams and systems open the mail in record time. Our technology identifies vital business data within each communication, and through a sequence of extraction, processing and routing, delivers information to the correct recipient or application. This automates the manual steps of document handling, classification, data extraction and validation.

Hybrid Mail is part of the digital mailroom suite of services, to accelerate delivery of your outbound communications. Supporting physical mail, email or text messaging, hybrid mail is fast, efficient and a fraction of the cost of producing letters in-house.

Our digital mailroom services speed up the process of mail handling, reduce costs, increase productivity, meet regulatory compliance and improve client satisfaction.

Applications include general correspondence, customer acquisition and retention programmes, accounts payable and accounts receivable, sales order processing and claims handling.

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