Interactive Services

Take customer experience to the next level with personalised interactive communications

The Benefits of Interactive Services
Offer broader channel choice

Customers know which messages they want to receive, and they want the freedom to choose how messages are delivered. The more options you can add to your communications mix, the more likely you can offer a channel your customer prefers. Embrace interactive channels, including personalised video and chatbots to enrich the customer experience.

Reduce costs and drive efficiency

Enabling customers to self-serve through interactive platforms is an efficient and highly effective way to handle queries through automated processes. Customers can access information easily, reducing the strain on your call centres, freeing up valuable resources, reducing your operating costs and maximising your return on investment.

Get more from your data

Leverage your valuable customer data to create interactive text and video communications. All data is managed centrally, so regardless of channel choice your customer will receive a consistent message through any communication platform from a single output. Create a seamless customer experience, and your brand reputation will be bolstered by improved customer satisfaction scores.


New technology brings a wealth of opportunity to engage further with your customers. With advanced levels of interactivity, users can locate information quickly and easily, enhancing their journey and improving their experience.

Build long lasting customer relationships with engaging, interactive communications. From dynamic content on the printed page to digital delivery; embrace the latest technology to create personalised content in a variety of formats.

Customer demographics, life cycles and preferences all influence channel strategy. Choosing the right communication method at the right time can help to deliver your message effectively, aid understanding and stimulate a response.

With over 78% of consumers owning a smartphone, the use of digital, interactive technologies is growing*.

Whether your customers prefer to interact through print, chatbots or videos, we have a suite of interactive services to help you diversify your communication channel mix and create a personalised experience.

*Communications Market Report, Ofcom, 2018


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