Cost-effective trackable mail

Benefits of Postal Collections
Complete traceability

We collect post from your premises using our dedicated courier service, from which point you will be able to track the postal journey online. Working with licensed postal operators, we offer a full range of tracking options tailored to your needs - including proof of delivery.

Reduce postal costs

By outsourcing your mailing needs to our large-scale operation, your organisation benefits from preferential postal rates and significantly reduced costs. Whether your volumes are large or small, by making use of our facilities you can access lower rates that might otherwise be unavailable for your mail volumes.

Improve efficiency

Our TrustPost® Direct service completely removes the need for franking your mail or making Post Office visits. For franking, this allows you to remove not only the cost of high postage fees, but also the cost of licences, maintenance and consumables. You’ll no longer need to dedicate time or resource to sort and collate mail. Leave that to us, while you focus on the day to day running of your business.


TRUSTPOST® is our fully managed and highly cost-effective mailing service. We work with Royal Mail and trusted Downstream Access (DSA) providers to achieve short delivery cycles and low postal rates to support your business.

We’ll offer you free advice on how to comply with mailing specifications, discuss cost-saving mailing services, and provide mail tracking.

With our unique postal collection and consolidation service, TRUSTPOST® Direct, we collect and sort pre-enveloped letter post (including first class, second class and international mail) from large organisations on a daily basis then send it through our high speed Downstream Access service directly to Royal Mail. As a high volume mail producer clients benefit from our highly attractive postal rates. We have strict reconciliation control systems in place to ensure that all items have been processed and mailed correctly.

For time-sensitive documents that need to be processed and sent very quickly, we provide a same day courier service. This guarantees same day UK delivery for parcels, with full real-time track and trace and email delivery confirmation. Through this service, automatic cover is in place with compensation of up to £2,500 for any lost or damaged items. We provide a next day courier service offering delivery before close of business on the next working day. This service has full traceability to confirm when items have been sent and received.

Our team of experts will take the time to understand your requirements thoroughly and support you in choosing the right solution. We have comprehensive, integrated services designed for optimum performance, high integrity and low cost.

  • Intelligent tracking with Mailmark®
  • Maximise savings with mail sortation
  • Fast delivery with first class mail
  • Save money with postal collections
  • Same day courier service
  • Gain access to industry expertise

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